Aydın Ö.Participant / TUSTIME Health Services

“Our teacher has a good command of his subject. The course was very useful. We got the answers to our questions. Thanks!” – Adobe Connect Training, 2015

Engin D.Participant / TUSTIME Health Services

“Beyond our expectations, it was an atmosphere that affected learning very positively. We are very pleased.” – Adobe Connect Training, 2015

Nimet A.Participant / TUSTIME Health Services

“He is (the teacher) extremely knowledgeable and confident in his instructor subject. He explains the programs fondly and endearingly. In short, he is competent. Thank you, Teacher!” – Adobe Connect Training, 2015

Gülfer Ş.Academician / Esenyurt University

“I thank Mr. Cem for the training met our expectations.” – Adobe Connect Training, 2014

Prof. Dr. Mümin E.Distance Learning Coordinator / Esenyurt University

“[He is] an experienced and extremely successful instructor. I sincerely congratulate him and his institution for having such an instructor.” – Adobe Connect Training, 2014

Okan G. U.Academician / Ordu University

“It was very good that the layout and flow of the training content was pre-planned. The positive and warm attitude of the educator made it easy for us to focus on the content.” – Adobe Presenter Training, 2014

İsmail U. G.Project Manager / GAP Regional Administration

“The technical equipment of our instructor is quite sufficient … Very patient … An exemplary expert … It is understood from the approach of the instructor that you are a professional institution.” – Adobe Trainings, 2014

Selen Ç.Unit Manager / İstanbul Kültür University

“The instructor transferred his knowledge and experience to us in a very effective way.” – Adobe Connect and Presenter Trainings, 2012

Özlem G.Distant Learning Coordinator / Yeni Yüzyıl University

“The instructor is exceedingly master of the subject and has technical knowledge due to produce solutions for needs.” – Adobe Connect Training, September 2013

Adem B.Participant / Private MEF Schools

“It was a very productive training. I would like to take training again from Cem.” – Adobe InDesign Training, August 2013

Kemal G.Head of Computer Dept / MEF Schools

“[The trainer] gave clear answers to our questions. He encouraged the group in a positive way. He shared his resources with the participants. We thank you!” – Adobe InDesign Training, August 2013

Derya K.Participant / Servier Pharmaceuticals and Research

“[He is] a positive, open communicator.” – iSpring Suite Training, 2013

Gökmen B.IT Executive / SGS Turkey

“Our instructor is very successful and gracious. We are very pleased to meet him.” – Adobe Photoshop an Illustrator Trainings, 2012

Nilüfer Ç.Lecturer / Kırklareli University

“We had a very successful training process with a well-equipped instructor. We thank you.” – Adobe eLearning Solutions Training Bootcamp, 2012

Adam A.Educator / Private Koç Schools

“Very fun and useful training. Cem was very personable.” – Adobe Photoshop Training, 2012

Augusta D.French Teacher / Private Koç Schools

“Very pleasant instructor using good pace with a range of levels in our group.” – Adobe Photoshop Training, 2012

Mehmet Y.Theater Teacher / Private Koç Schools

“Positive approach of Cem continued during training. This approach has allowed us to follow the process with interest. I thank him for the patience and interest he showed us.” – Adobe Photoshop Training, 2012

Mehmet S.Academician / Gaziantep University

“It was nice to get to know him (instructor). Actually, he can serve as a professional advisor (PA) to the universities.” – Adobe Presenter Training, 2012

Sevilay Ş.Participant / Gaziantep University

“Cem is very competent. He answered our questions at every level. He performed highly effective presentations. His communication with learners is at very high level. Always respectful and humorous…” – Adobe Presenter Training, 2012

Semih A.Participant / Ministry of Forestry

“An instructor who is master of his subjects, bona fide, and instructing one-to-one for the understanding of the subject with all its details.” – Adobe Flash Professional Training, 2012

Fatih E.Broadcaster / Radio Station Cihan

“The technical knowledge and the solutions that the trainer suggests for the problems were very good.” – Adobe Audition Training, 2012

Baybars A.Businessan, Founder, Educator/ Duelcom International

“I congratulate Cem from the heart. We had a very nice two days.” – Adobe Connect Training, 2012

Serkan Ö.Teacher / VKV Koç Private High School

“I had the opportunity to participate in different Adobe trainings before. However, this training I received was ahead of the others because it allowed the time to pass in the most effective and efficient way.” – Adobe Trainings, 2011

Fatih Ü.Developer / ÇAYKUR

“The more educated and experienced the trainer is, trainings become more educative. Fantastic!” – Adobe Photoshop Training, 2011

Barış Y.Educator / Private Eyüboğlu Schools

“Cem is an instructor who creates goal and object oriented solutions.” – Adobe Photoshop Training, 2011

Kenan Ç.Educator / Private Eyüboğlu Schools

“The instructor explained all in a very effective and permanent manner.” – Adobe Photoshop Training, 2011

Cem B.Participant / TAV Information Services

“The content mastery and the class dominance of the instructor were at a high level.” – Adobe Illustrator Training, 2011

Elif K.Participant / TAV Information Services

“Our instructor explained the content of the training in a comprehensive manner, as well as he answered all our questions.” – Adobe Photoshop Training, 2011

Sinem E.Designer / Press-PR Dept of Istanbul Municipality

“We took our trainings in a family environment thanks to the warm attitude of our instructor. Thanks for transferring your information to us with patience.” – Adobe Photoshop Training, 2011

Tolga K.Design Coordinator / Press-PR Dept of Istanbul Municipality

“Our instructor shared great secrets with a superb motivation. What wonderful things can be done with Photoshop we thought we knew?”- Adobe Photoshop Training, 2011

Hatice D.Layout Designer / General Directorate of EduTech

“Our teacher was very good in every aspect. He tried to give all the information to us in a short time. We thank you.” – Adobe InDesign Training, 2011

Elif K. Ö.EduTech Specialist / Private Koç Schools

“It was a very enjoyable, instructive training. I would also like to mention that I wasn’t bored in an adult education and found it really educative and enjoyable for the first time.” – Design Trainings with Adobe Creative Suite, 2011

Münevver A.Administrative Assistant / Tema Mağazacılık

“I certainly think the training was very useful for my personal improvement. The explanations were quite clear. Thank you for this training and your contribution to us.” – Adobe Illustrator Training, 2010

Ayşe D.System Support Specialist / Yurtiçi Kargo

“I prepare training presentations with PowerPoint software. I saw that I was missing something before. It was very useful for me. The clear and fluent narration of the educator provided us with enough information. Thanks!” – Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Presenter Training, 2010

Can A.Training Consultant / OYAK-Renault

“The instructor had a positive and helpful attitude.” – Adobe Captivate Training, 2007

Deniz B. Ç.Content Manager / Akhmet Yassawi University

“It was a training course in an expected quality from an instructor I know.” – Macromedia FreeHand Training, 2007 / “The instructor was highly relevant to his students. Trainings with him are enjoyable.” – Macromedia Flash Training, 2007

Yasemin F. Ö.Participant

“It was an efficient training. The trainer was master of the subject. He answered to the questions patiently and immediately. He helped everyone to understand the subject by making detailed explanations.” – Macromedia FreeHand Training, 2007

Cengiz B.Training Manager / Turkish Airlines

“The instructor is master of the subject and his narration is quite nice…” – Adobe Photoshop Training, 2007

Prof. Dr. Mümin E.Distant Learning Coordinator / Beykent University

“The instructor is an excellent person with his personality and knowledge. I congratulate your administration because employing him.” – Adobe Connect Professional Training, 2007

Lokman İ.Lecturer / Fatih University

“The trainer has a very high level of knowledge about the information technology. I found his solution suggestions likely to be very successful. I thank you and your company.” – Adobe eLearning Solutions Seminar, 2007

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